Trial and Error: A First Blog Post


We’re delighted that you stumbled upon our/my page.

The purpose of this website is for readers like yourself, and my associate bloggers, to keep in touch during our Clinical Rotations. Each of us will be departing from Yakima (except Jenny) to start our 3rd year of medical school, i.e. clinical rotations, and will embark on different adventures and challenges.

Ellensburg Dining Club emerged from a shared interest in food and leaving Yakima. In the spare time we were granted on Saturday evenings, the five of us traveled north from Yakima to Ellensburg to explore the food options outside of the valley. Our group name was born from a joke, thanks to Dr. Hoverman, an offhanded comment became legendary and named us appropriately.

Welcome to our Website. It is under construction and largely speaks to how our lives will be under constant evolution and growth in the next few years.




One thought on “Trial and Error: A First Blog Post

  1. While I was hoping to find critical reviews of the best restaurants in Ellensburg I guess medical school experiences offers a close second in my areas of interest.


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