As Nari mentioned, our last classes of 2nd year were Friday. The day felt surreal (perhaps in part due to Dr. Goldman’s magic tricks), though more likely due to the sudden realization that I was one step closer to moving from my home in this high-desert valley hugged by rolling yellow hills, to a small, maritime community in Grays Harbor County.

I have a mixture of emotions with this transition. I am excited to finally emerge from the books and into the wards, yet also unsure of how I will be able to translate the foundation of medicine to practice. Similarly, my adventurous side craves exploring new places, and I have been fortunate to have several opportunities to try out different communities near and far, so I am eager to explore and find my place in this new town. However, it comes with some sadness as I leave this valley that I have become so connected with — both in place and person.

Maybe it was the spring storm that blew into town yesterday, or the love of a good show tune, but today I’ve had Dick Van Dyke’s “Winds in the East” tune rolling around in my mind.

Ready or not, the transition is happening. And it starts with tomorrow’s 8a OPP final, so I suppose I should get back to studying.

To new experiences and forever embracing change, and the growth that comes with it —




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