Mangia Bene

DiMeo dinner

Finally, a food post!

Nari and I had the pleasure of joining a few of our classmates for a delightful Italian meal at the home of two of our clinical skills faculty. I suppose “meal” doesn’t really do the evening justice — it was a full Italian dining experience from the moment we arrived.

75 degrees and sunny, we couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day and appropriately started the afternoon on the back patio with citrus-infused water and a delightfully smooth Aglianico.  We then got a crash course in the basics of “pie art” (and dough making) and watched them masterfully construct a few pizza varieties, including the classic margherita — all of which were devoured after a quick cook in a Black Stone pizza oven (something I am adding to my “when I grow up” wish list). I haven’t had pizza this good in a really long time and it took a lot of self-control to heed their cautionary warning to save room for the main course.

Of course, the main course didn’t disappoint — fresh asparagus, homemade lasagna, and meatballs & sauce, plus some ridiculously good chicken. We topped the evening off with espresso & “Nonna-made” cucidati — a true treat.

The food was incredible, but the most enjoyable part was being able to sit down and enjoy a meal & conversation together.  This was a welcomed change of pace from the usual devour & scavenge-food-when-you-can mentality of school.

In total, we spent 6.5 hours visiting and eating. More impressively, our gracious hosts spent most of the day cooking before our arrival. Even though events like this consume a significant portion of the day, they remind me of the powerful role of food to unite people, preserve cultural traditions and promote health through both the well-balanced home-cooked meals themselves as well as the relationships built while sharing food together.

To our wonderful hosts — molte grazie. We are very fortunate to have such warm & caring faculty — especially ones who enjoy sharing their culinary skills!



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