Hoisin Sauce Take-Away

I am a pseudochef with pseudoesotropia, but I have an uncanny ability to sniff out great foods. Call it intuition, a chef’s nose with a flat bridge, or pure hunger, all of my senses were put to the test tonight as a gracious OMS I and her dishwasher/other generous host, provided a scrumptious sampling of homemade Vietnamese appetizers, meal, and dessert. To begin the evening, Jenny taught us how to roll our own Shrimp Spring rolls which would be paired with a sweet, and delicately flavored Peanut Sauce. Later one of the guests would be found loading Peanut Sauce into aluminum foil. Here’s Jenny helping with the food prep: jennyFollowing the spring rolls, we sat down to a table teeming with BBQ Lemongrass Chicken (perfectly seasoned and cooked), bowls of Hot & Sour Fish Soup w/ Pineapple, brown Jasmine rice, and a very refreshing and light Mango Salad. Our host went above and beyond providing us with a dining experience that few of us were raised on and made our stomachs brim with happiness. Like Buddha. To top off the full-stomachs that were not relieved with tripod positioning, a banana tapioca set the final tone of the evening. As I grew increasingly worried about my pants ripping, I was reminded of how great it is to spend time with friends that are patient enough to endure meals with you, know that you will always want dessert, and know better than asking you to eat faster. Viet foodNow, I must lay down and drink my water.


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