July 1 = OMS III status

Hi Readers and Blog-stumblers,

On July 1, yesterday, my colleagues and myself were unofficially, but knowingly and happily promoted from OMS II to OMS III status. OMS = Osteopathic Medical Student. To celebrate my new status, I attended orientation at my new hospital! Orientation, not OREO-tation, is a time when students sit quietly, tread soundlessly around the hospital, practice professionalism, and then later are shuffled into a conference room to take off the wigs and clown makeup. We also at some pizza.

It’s an exciting time to be heading into 3rd year rotations – everyone I’ve spoken to has mentioned how the practice of medicine is changing and right now is a perfect time to start getting into it. One of the docs said, in essence, “You’re going to make a lot of money, buy a ton of worthless items, but right now is the time to really start learning how to enjoy practicing medicine.” Food for thought.

Anywho, on Tuesday I’ll be beginning rotations in Bremerton with a Family Med doc in Urgent Care. I’m really looking forward to this rotation as it will introduce me to the breadth and depth of primary care while also handing me a sprinkle of emergency medicine. The practice hosts many other specialists and from what I’ve been told I’ll be able to piggy-back around with other docs as needed. I will keep you all posted with my findings, but for now, I’m going to sit on my balcony, watch the sunset and pretend that boards never happened. 🙂


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