A question for everyone…

Hi All!

What do you keep in your white coat pockets???

I have:

-PNWU DO pocket book

-3×5 notecards

-2 pens

-1 highlighter




-phone with Epocrates and UpToDate

How bout you?? Any suggestions for apps or other great resources?



One thought on “A question for everyone…

  1. Your white coat pockets sounds efficiently stuffed!

    I keep the following in the depths of the white coat:
    – Pocket Medicine (Mass Gen handbook of Internal Med)
    – several pens (5+)
    – notebook paper folded into quarters (1/4 for each patient)
    – stethoscope
    – reflex hammer
    – phone w/ Epocrates & UpToDate apps (definitely!!)
    – chocolate, fruit snacks, or a small bag of trail mix (always good to have food on your person)
    – and depending on the time of the month, tampons. 🙂 muhahahaha

    Thank goodness we have so many pockets.

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