Rotation #2: Family Med

Hi All!

Hope you’re doing well! I just finished my Family Medicine rotation and I’ve been with a great preceptor for these last 6 weeks!  I’ve learned a lot about life, medicine, and people. It’s been awesome! I don’t know about you guys, but I feel so much better about third year in general… no longer a deer in headlights!!

About the rotation:

Why it’s AWESOME: you get to do stuff! Lots of procedures (suturing, cutting, physicals). And you get to see everyone–male/female, geriatrics, peds–which is great! It’s also (for me, at least), been 8am-5pm, with weekends off and that’s been so nice!

Why it’s TOUGH: you have to know everything… seriously, everything. My preceptor knew the adverse effects of like every drug! Even the obscure effects!! And the COMAT is tough too–it’s like a mini step 1! It’s tough to figure out resources for the exam as well…

My awesome preceptor and me at her office!

I got a chance  to do so many cool procedures and spend time with patients. We had cases of Bell’s palsy, DISH syndrome, psoriasis, liver failure, anxiety, COPD, CHF, fibromyalgia, depression, skin excisions, and schizophrenia (or some kind of drug-induced hallucination issue). We also visited the ER to see patient. There was patient follow up, prevention, screenings, and I learned a lot about how to be both firm and compassionate.

All in all, family med was great! I hope everyone has an awesome next rotation! I’m in OB/GYN next (thanks for all the tips Jenny!) and am very excited about it (my FM preceptor has been referring patients over there all week!). 🙂


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