Is it Love or Lust?

You make my heart have premature ventricular contractions – Emma (No Strings Attached)

Is it love or lust?

I’ve been struggling to determine whether or not I love surgery. During this rotation I was able to work with such amazing people both doctors and my peers that it makes me wonder if I am really in love with surgery, or was it just the people I worked with that made the whole experience so enjoyable. As you may remember, I was very interested in OB/GYN but my rotation in Othello was so horrible that it is hard to continue to want something I wish would end. So do I really not enjoy OB/GYN or am I just so jaded from the rotation to make a rational decision?

Not to mention OMT!! I’m really good at OMT and in many ways I love OMT for the same reasons I love surgery. With OMT I am able to give instant results and gratification (most of the time). I get to develop a strong bond and trust with my patients that I wouldn’t get to otherwise if I were not to use OMT. Continuity of care! (surprisingly there is a lot of continuity with surgery) Once I choose surgery, my OMT days will be limited. Sure I will always be able to use OMT, but it will no longer play a major roll … and thats so sad!

What are your thoughts? How did you ultimately choose?



One thought on “Is it Love or Lust?

  1. well OBGYN is still surgery to a certain extent just different patient population and lots of continuity of care. Just sucks you had a bad rotation and preceptor :(( my preceptor told me to list out things you liked and didn’t like about each rotation to try to figure it out. Just hang in there! I’m still thinking about what I like too wish I knew by now haha xD


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