The Baby Dilemma

I’m never going to have children in my 20’s and it’s a weird thought.

After being consumed by discussions of pregnancies, viability, and infertility while on my OBGYN rotation, I’ve become all too aware of how lazy and out of commission my ovaries have been for the past 16+ years. Those white, round, probably sad, sacs of tissue that have been told to keep quiet and don’t disturb me until I’m ready, well they’re not going to wait forever… but they will be forced to wait another 3+ years.

I always presumed that I would never care or worry about getting pregnant and now I’m torn. It’s a pretty amazing and wonderful event to see a fully formed human be removed from a mass of hemorrhagic-appearing tissue and to see the joy that it brings to parents lives. And it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination for me to see myself enjoying the same privileges.

On the other hand, I love this career path that I’ve chosen and that I’ve dedicated my 20’s towards pursuing. I’m happy with the direction I’m going, and when I look at these other girls in their late 20’s enjoying the adventures of preggarsville, I think “one day, I too, will waddle like you for the same reason.”

Alright, enough personal lamenting, let’s talk Women’s Health. We have had some interesting cases in OB/GYN over the past six weeks:

  • Didelphys: double uterus, double vagina.
    • Yes, this is possible and easy to miss. It is quite rare though. Our patient presented w/ irregular bleeding and under initial speculum exam no blood could be seen in the vaginal canal or cervix. Upon removing and reinserting the speculum, he found another vaginal canal with bleeding present from the cervix. TWO vaginas! TWO cervixes and TWO uteruses! Pretty incredible.
  • Complications pertaining to moms recovering from Heroin addiction
  • C-section for baby in frank breech
    • When baby was removed from the uterus, she was peeing and pooping! It was almost cute.
  • Nexplanon & IUD inserts
  • Hysterectomy in a 25 yo female.
    • A tough decision for anyone, but being so young makes it all the more challenging.
  • Hormones for The Big M.
    • Menopause and bioidentical hormones are essential for healthful mental and physical aging. Women that are in menopause that take hormone replacement therapy see such a positive change in their cognition, energy level, and sometimes even their sex drive!
  • Catching boyfriends AND husbands cheating – all it takes is a pelvic exam, a PCR test, and your admission of guilt. Don’t cheat.

Okay, so pretty standard cases overall. Here is some great advice I’ve heard from my preceptor saying to his patients:

  • “Men always dribble before they shoot.” – on why the pullout method is not always effective birth control. 
  • “Take time for foreplay.” – self-explanatory. 
  • “If you’re not using birth control and not using condoms, you’re trying to get pregnant.” – Pregnancy 101 (he said this countless times to women who just did not understand how important birth control was for pregnancy prevention).
  • “A candle is always brightest when it’s alone.”

Boy, am I glad OBGYN is complete! It was a fun rotation with a couple of highlights, but I’m glad that the next pelvic exam I participate in will only be my own. 🙂 Next up: Pediatrics! (pretty appropriate).



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