Surgery VS Family Medicine Part 2

It is better to travel than to arrive – Buddha

Hello everyone! It has been a hot minute since I’ve given you all an update on my internal battles. Life is just full of surprises. One moment you think you know yourself then the next moment life decides to happen and you stand there like “HAHA! Just kidding!!”

But I have learned a lot about myself from these experiences. I’ve learned that I tend to avoid confronting my battles aka I’ve become a PRO procrastinator. I like to fill my procrastination time with eating. I am a stress eater. I have learned that when eating tilapia with a sauce, the tilapia just becomes the sauce … so choose your sauce wisely. I learned that Hot Cheetos turn your BM neon red (if there is such a color). And that Nuun electrolyte tablets are the hangover cure. Just some of my thoughts over the past few weeks, so let just jump right into it. Enjoy!


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