And next door was spawn of Satan

A life of too much work is hard on the spirit. A life of just playing doesn’t feed the soul. – Dr. Eglin, MD

Hello everyone and welcome back!

I just finished my PEDS rotations and now I’m on to inpatient IM. If you haven’t figured from the title … I knew right away I did not want to become a pediatrician. I had this kid, while I was examining him on his right, he held his mother by her hair on the left and continuously slapped her (all mom was said was “oh don’t do that” and “ouch.”) Maybe this was just the clinic I worked at by I rarely ever got angel kido patients. And if they were angels, their parents were hardcore anti vaxxers.  I swear everyday at work my ovaries would shrivel and burrow somewhere far far farrrr away from my fallopian tubes. I did experience some hearing loss after that rotation but otherwise I walked away unscathed.

I have mad respect for my fellow friends who matched into Pediatrics Residency and for those considering pediatrics. I still have PTSD from the whole experience. Unfortunately it was my highest scoring COMAT. Thus I have concluded that the COMATs are NOT an indication of my future career path.

Enjoy the VLOG! It also includes an update on my sucky coordinator rant and my trip to Philadelphia for the PE board exam.



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