It’s a wrap! (almost)

Hello All!

Hope you are all doing well! It’s been a while since I’ve posted and have since completed Surgery, ER and OMM! I’m on my final rotation–psychiatry at the State Penitentiary–and it’s going to be interesting, only four more weeks to go!!

Just to recap, surgery was a great rotation, I learned a ton and had a great preceptor. It was AMAZING to help resect a patient’s bowel and anastomose it, make incisions and suture them back up! The challenges were that surgery is sooo physically exhausting; my feet were killing me at the end of every day and the days were really long. I also realized how complex and incredible the human body is and how brilliant surgeons are to know what to cut or bovie. It’s hard work!

OMM was four weeks and was mostly like a family med rotation except that we spent Tuesdays and Thursdays with a fantastic preceptor who spent 4 hours reviewing material and going over techniques. It was like being in OPP lab again but everything came easier since we had learned it at least once before. I really like working with this preceptor twice a week, she was also an attending at a family medicine residency program for years and was able to give us a lot of insight and advice on applications and programs!

ER was four weeks as well and was great. We work 3 shifts/week or whenever our main preceptor is on shift. We do 12 pm- 12 am shifts which allow us to see the most. I got to fix a nursemaids elbow (the family was super happy), stitch up a prisoner’s face who got pummeled at the penitentiary, do OMT on a MVA patient, and learn a ton! It was awesome.

Now that my last rotation is here, I’m really grateful for the time I’ve had in Walla Walla. Our dean is so encouraging and our coordinator is fantastic–so organized! The doctors have been incredible teachers and I can’t express how much I appreciate all our patients and their patience!

So now it’s onto board exams, moving, weddings (Congrats, Jenny!), audition rotations and electives. I have a feeling that in the craziness of it all, I won’t get the chance to blog, so here’s to EDC. Could not have pushed through without the love and support of family and friends!  Wishing everyone an amazing end to an amazing year and luck with the next leg of our journey!




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