Trumps America

As I type this I’m sitting in middle America waiting for my flight home. I’m officially halfway through my interview trail. Small successes!

This was a tough week. Feel free to stop reading if you disagree.

When I was 17 the longest day of my life was when my two younger foster sisters were taken from my home. I was heartbroken and I miss them regularly. Like everyone that experiences some form of tragedy, you go through stages of grief and this one lasted a long time for me. Fast forward to November 8th, 2016. That same sense of grief and personal despair settled in and I have been unable to shake it. I watched as the Midwest was engulfed in red. I thought we had been making progress on behalf of women’s rights, ethnic and religious freedoms, and LGBTQ rights. I watched in horror as it dawned on me how strongly half of this country feels towards non-whites.

To some these fears may seem unfounded and distant, but they are not. They are real and visceral. They unpack years of insecurities for many of us that do not fit into the perfect American mold.

Here are some of the more poignant articles I’ve been ruminating through these past few days. Many of these give me reassurance that a broken mind, a broken system, can one day be remedied and that nothing is permanent if progress is present and we can remain hopeful for the future.

Thanks for reading.



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