Dermatology Rotation | Secret to Clear Skin

Love the skin you’re in – Dove

Hello girls. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve made a couple of videos, I’ve just been really bad and haven’t posted it on the blog. But I’ve back!! And I’m fully committed.

Senior year is here and in only a few months we will find out where we will be attending residency. I am nervous for the day but I feel like it needs to come sooner. My senioritis has kicked in and in full force. I think that’s why I’ve been trying to pick easy rotations to end out the year lol. One of which was my dermatology rotation. Even though it was easy – I felt like I learned a lot. A lot of which I feel like I can apply to my family practice in the future. One thing was very apparent to me by the end of the rotation … Men are much weaker than women. They are always the ones crying and squirming while I try to freeze their AKs.

Well hope you enjoy my VLOG on a Dermatologist’s secret to clear skin.


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