Ophthalmology Rotation

The eye does not see what the mind does not know – Anonymous

I sat on a bench waiting for the ophthalmologist.

Lately, I’ve been doing rotations with physicians who own their own practice. This particular preceptor built the whole building! (He was actually most proud of his doors which were perfectly balanced and could be closed with a touch of a finger).

A gentle older man, with many laugh lines and tanned skinned walked up to me (he was the ophthalmologist) – and asked me the dreaded question “So you want to go into ophthalmology?” This far in my medical career my answer had to be “No …. I am applying to family medicine residency. But I am still very interested in ophthalmology.” Maybe it is just my own insecurities, but I feel like some preceptors are disappointed by my answer. Maybe they think I wouldn’t be as engaging or eager to learn as someone who is interested in their particular specialty. Luckily, this particular preceptor was an excellent teacher – rather he geared his teachings to particular things that I would find useful in my primary care practice.


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