MD vs DO

Treat the patient, not the disease – the DO motto

I always have tons of people ask me: What is a DO? What makes you different? Probably almost as often as someone asking me if I am studying to become a nurse.

Dr. Acosta once told the first years during an “OMT in the ER” workshop that they need to start thinking about how they identify as a physician and how they set themselves apart from their MD colleagues. I feel like most days, I struggle to find the words to describe the passion I have for OMT. Most of the time I find that I can’t explain “DO” in a couple of sentences but feel that this is something I need to do.

With so much violence going on in the world lately, I feel like the only way we can combat this is with education. If this video can educate only one person then I will be happy with the work I’ve put in.


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