Who, What, Why We Be


Clinician CeremonyL to R: Nari, Kat, Jenny, Stacey, Priya at the Clinician’s Ceremony

We are 5 well-fed, but always hungry, mixture of Type A to B personalities that are managing medical school together. If there were enough emoticons to express our identities, we would share them, but there are not.

We started this blog to keep in touch with each other for our third and fourth years in medical school. We are at an osteopathic (DO) medical school, where we learn what an allopathic (MD) would learn PLUS principles of osteopathic medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine/Therapy (OMM/OMT).

If you are an medical student (osteopathic or allopathic) in need of guidance or are just browsing for fun, check out our blog! We reflect on many things, including scheduling and surviving clinical rotations (using VSAS and study resources), board exams (COMLEX vs USMLE), the Match/residency process, interviewing, and the upcoming changes to the ACGME/AOA matches. We are each going into various specialties, including: family medicine, psychiatry, PM&R, and Ob/Gyn. We also feature yummy food from along our journey! Please browse and feel free to ask us Questions. Jenny (with her awesome VLOG) will be happy to answer them all. 🙂

Please utilize the header links with our names to access our individual blog posts.


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