Med School Depression

Whenever I feel sad, I just go to my happy place. The Fridge. – Anonymous

This VLOG is posted a little late but this was how I was feeling the past couple weeks. Especially when Stan wasn’t around and I felt like a baby was about to fall out of my vagina any moment now.

I am very grateful to have all of you – such amazing friends that support me through this traitorous medical journey.



She’s ALIVE!!!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder – William Shakespeare

I know you girls have seen Kat this past Match week but I haven’t seen this woman in ages!! Sightings of Kat are almost as rare as “Big Bitch” sightings! I’m so glad she came to visit, so I forced her to make this video with me 🙂

Can’t wait till we’re all together for graduation.

EKG Basics

You give me premature ventricular contractions – Emma, No Strings Attached (film)

I was never really confident reading EKGs. But after one week and 300+ EKGs later, I can finally say, without a doubt, that I can read an EKG on my own! One small step as med student in training, one big step for future Dr. Jenny!

Most of you are probably much better at reading EKGs than I am, but I just wanted to make this video as a short refresher. Plus I might need to look back on it some time in the future … I regret not making a radiology video when the material was still fresh. So I always have to go back and read Priya’s blog post. Hope you all enjoy!

Short overview incase you couldn’t catch it in the video:

1. Is the patient in Sinus Rhythm? – Check for positive P waves in leads II, III, aVF
2. Heart Rate
3. Axis deviation – Check leads I & aVF
4. Left Anterior Fascicular Block? – Check lead II
5. P wave + PR intervals – are they long? are they short?
6. QRS complex – are they wide? more than 3 small boxes?
7. ST/T wave changes

I hope that helps. I wanted to read more samples of EKGs but then this video would be a bajillion hours long.

New York Travel VLOG

Traveling – it leaves us speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. – Ibn Battuta

So every med student I know has been stacking their vacation time for the end of the school year so they can do one big vacation trip … except for me. A lot of people think that your life is over once you’ve entered into medical school. I do my best to find the balance between school, career, family, friends, food and FUN!! (Lots of F’s) I love medicine but it is not the only thing I love.

Enjoy the VLOG – live vicariously through me … until you get your month long vacation 🙂

MD vs DO

Treat the patient, not the disease – the DO motto

I always have tons of people ask me: What is a DO? What makes you different? Probably almost as often as someone asking me if I am studying to become a nurse.

Dr. Acosta once told the first years during an “OMT in the ER” workshop that they need to start thinking about how they identify as a physician and how they set themselves apart from their MD colleagues. I feel like most days, I struggle to find the words to describe the passion I have for OMT. Most of the time I find that I can’t explain “DO” in a couple of sentences but feel that this is something I need to do.

With so much violence going on in the world lately, I feel like the only way we can combat this is with education. If this video can educate only one person then I will be happy with the work I’ve put in.