She’s ALIVE!!!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder – William Shakespeare

I know you girls have seen Kat this past Match week but I haven’t seen this woman in ages!! Sightings of Kat are almost as rare as “Big Bitch” sightings! I’m so glad she came to visit, so I forced her to make this video with me 🙂

Can’t wait till we’re all together for graduation.


Knot Tying

When life seems to be coming apart at the edges….just tie some knots in it 😉

My new interest this week is learning how to tie knots.  Man, are there a lot of them. Should I learn how to tie a Double Fisherman knot or a Prusik knot?  Or maybe a Figure 8 knot?

Pause for a sec…I already know how to tie a Figure 8 knot, thank goodness!  But, I did just learn how to tie an In-Line Figure 8 knot, which by the way, is currently my favorite knot to tie.  It just seems so useful…even though I’m not sure what most of the uses are for it 😉

You should try it! Here’s how:


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